Are you a newcomers to Al-anon?

You might think you wouldn't be welcome to attend meetings listed on this website because you've never been to a meeting before.

You may not know even if Al-Anon is the right place for you?

Maybe you are worried about what you are supposed to do or say at a meeting?


Let us assure you now. YOU ARE VERY WELCOME!

Welcoming and giving comfort to Families of alcoholics is part of the Al-Anon Traditions (tradition 5) and you should be made to feel welcome at any meeting you choose to join, virtual or otherwise.

You may find it helpful to identify yourself as a newcomer when you join a meeting. This is not to single you out or make you feel different, but to help the group welcome you properly and to give you a greater understanding of what is going on. However it is not essential and you are free to just listen if you wish. 

There may be some specific 'Newcomers meetings' listed which you might feel more comfortable joining to begin with? But please feel free to join any meeting you wish. Al-Anon is an inclusive fellowship.

A final note;

If you are new and therefore not familiar with the tradition of anonymity within the meetings, can we remind you of it's importance. it helps to keep everyone safe. More will be explained to you about this if you ask and further information can be found on the Al-Anon website.


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